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Customer Testimonials

"I want to thank you for all your hard work over this really challenging time. Just getting up and keeping going - you are vital to this neighbouhood and very much appreciated. It's all been scary and weird and you lot have been amazing."Edwina E
"Your online shopping is nearly as good as being able to go to the store"Marion Brunt
"This delivery service is absolutely wonderful. From the easy to use website to the friendly delivery men. We have, over the years, become accustomed to the fabulous fresh produce in the store, thanks to Peter’s brilliant management of the department. It has been no surprise that the quality of fruit and veg delivered to our door is always of exceptional quality. The same applies to the wonderful deli range. Thanks Alice! We are aware how much time must go into collecting and packing the orders. Our thanks to all involved, and we can’t wait to be able to see you all in the store again." Sue and Paul L
"Fabulous service and whilst I am used to coming in, in these times I am grateful that you deliver... great supermarket" Lynette K
"This is my very first order I have ever done on online! I had my concerns about the quality of the fresh food that would be given to me because I was ordering online! However, I am very impresssed with all my fresh food ! Not stale, not limp and of very good quality. It was like I actually shopped there myself which unfortunately I can not do presently. Please give the staff member who did my shopping a very big thank you. Also the delivery man was very good also. I will order again. " Gillian K
"Absolutely love using this supermarket to order my groceries. It is super easy and convenient to have same day delivery. Saves me hauling kids around in the car! Much appreciated." Hermione H
"I have been very happy with my fresh produce. Thanks to my shopper. The delivery man is very friendly too.." Gillian K
"Just wanted to say that I have been to many different supermarkets over the years and yours is the best on so many levels.....don't change a thing! Thank you" Mavis S
"Just wanted to say that I have been to many different supermarkets over the years and yours is the best on so many levels.....don't change a thing! Thank you" Marg D
"...missing my car & this really saved me..."
"Another grocery shop made perfectly easy by Renaissance ! I love the easy to use website , the quality produce at affordable prices , and the delivery service is the ultimate luxury."
"You provide the BEST service - I tell everyone about it! THANKS!"
"I just want to thank you for your really excellent service. I am very grateful especially for the same day delivery and being able to add in last minute things is fantastic. Your service is so far in front of the big chains. Gold medal to you!"
"Fantastic delivery service - same day or next day but most importantly all my favourite brands that are disappearing from "the big 2". Well done Renaissance and well named because it is a supermarket renaissance.    "
"Imagine 35 degree day, having no food in the house and being too unwell to make it to the supermarket today. Added to this I missed the cut off for same day delivery but thought I would add a message with my order for any possible chance of delivery today. Amazingly my shopping was completed and delivered in less than 2 hours!!! I am so grateful for Renaissance IGA ongoing commitment to customer service. Thank you! "
"This would be the second best supermarket ever! First one is in New York City!!!! So thats saying something Thank you for your awesome service in store and delivery! "
"the best service ever the best supermarket ever the best staff ever in a supermarket environment"
"The day I discovered your on-line store was one of my best ever!! My experience with Renaissance has been absolutely awesome, to the point where I have just placed my next order!!  I absolutely love the very large variety of items for sale in your store!! Your customer service is wonderful as is your service and having FREE DELIVERY IS AMAZING!! - THANKYOU!!! (the young man I spoke to on the 'phone was so polite and genuine, that he actually 'put a smile on my face!!' )